Predicting The place Some Of MLB’s Free Brokers May Play Subsequent Season

Predicting Where Some Of MLB’s Free Agents Might Play Next Season
Predicting Where Some Of MLB’s Free Agents Might Play Next Season

Yes, we know, the MLB season just finished, with the Atlanta Braves winning their first World Series Title since 1995, a time where pitchers like Greg Maddux, John Smoltz, Steve Avery, Kent Mercker and Tom Glavine all called Atlanta’s starting rotation their line of work. Now, while there’s still a lot of time left until baseball comes back again, with online betting platforms that focus on baseball right now shifting their attention towards the best NFL picks against the spread, one topic we can talk about while we wait for the boys of summer to return is where some of the top free agents in the league might end up playing at next season.

Every season, some of the best players in MLB hit the free agency market, hoping to strike one of those life-changing, multi-million dollar contracts that have made the sport of baseball in the US one of the most lucrative when it comes to its athletes. Given that the free agency market right now has some very important names being thrown around, let’s focus on where some of the top MLB free agents right now might end up playing next season.

Carlos Correa

If you were to look at everything that Houston Astros’ shortstop Carlos Correa has managed to do, all while starting his career out in the pros in 2015, you would think Correa had been playing for many more years. He started his career by winning the MLB Rookie of the Year award, but with that not being enough, he has also managed to become a two-time All-Star for the American League, one of the most beloved players in Houston and has even managed to win a World Series ring. Yes, we are talking about the cheating scandal-ridden 2017 Astros World Series win, but still, given how the situation was handled by the league, the man is a champion through and through.

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With that said though, if Correa was to look for the best, money and baseball-ridden deal, signing with the Detroit Tigers might just end up being his best move. Why the Tigers? Because the Tigers are moving on up and building a seriously talented roster all managed by former Astros skipper and a very important character in Correa’s development as a player, A.J. Hinch. A reunion between Hinch and Correa to make the Tigers a contender once again might just be exactly what the shortstop needs to continue cementing his status as one of the best players in actuality.

Corey Seager

Staying with the shortstop position, another all-star who might be on the move this winter is Dodgers’ star, SS Corey Seager. While Seager is by far and near one of the best players in Los Angeles, the time for him to start looking for a new home feels like it’s quickly approaching. Now, what would a team interested in Seager be getting? For one, they would be getting one of the better infielders offensively speaking. There have been some concerns about Seager’s ability to maintain a top-tier performance level defensively, especially taking into account his past back problems and injuries, which could mean that an eventual move from shortstop to third base might be in the plans for the player, but with that said, offensively, this man can hit like it’s nobody’s business.

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Given that a team like the Chicago Cubs will be strongly hitting the free agency market during the winter to find some pivotal new pieces to their rebuilding team, bringing in a player like Seager, who has enough experience in postseason play and winning titles might be a genius move for the Cubs. The Cubs are in a position where they can deal with having Seager move to third base instead of playing shortstop and still get an elite player through and through. And more so, Seager could end up becoming one of the new faces of a Cubs team that is in dire need of finding new leaders to take the helm and bring joy to its ever so loyal and passionate fan base once again.

Kevin Gausman

Every offseason once the free agency market starts heating up, baseball fanatics usually witness some of the best pitchers in the league test the waters out to see if there’s a big paycheck awaiting them somewhere else. Look at Max Scherzer for example, who, who knows, might try out the waters once again this season with a move to the San Francisco Giants not so farfetched to imagine. But for now, let’s stay with the Giants but focus on another pitcher who might end up getting his big payday in this free agency market. Kevin Gausman shined last season retaking his place as one of the better starting pitchers for San Francisco.

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While he was playing on a one-year, make it or break it style deal, Gausman proved that he has the chops to be a star somewhere else, especially with that pitching rotation that includes a very respectable fastball and a nasty splitter that can make any hitter guess. Now, all teams are always looking to improve their pitching rotations, that’s a given. Even the teams with the best rotations in the league are always on the look for yet another ace to add to become even more dominant, but then again, there are teams whose level of promise and potential make it hard to not pay due attention to. For example, the Los Angeles Angels. 

The Angels are one of the most entertaining baseball teams in the league, but when push comes to shove, their pitching ends up falling short. Bringing in a pitcher like Gausman to help out all-star and bonafide Angels legend Shohei Ohtani, Alex Cobb and Dylan Bundy in the starting rotation might be the best way to start turning the page around on the Angels’ pitching conundrum. If they can offer Gausman a good enough contract, which he has earned, the Angels might be getting a top-tier starter for the long haul.

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