Meiko Satomura to defend NXT UK Women’s Title in 3 weeks

NXT UK announced that Meiko Satomura will defend her NXT UK Women’s Championship against Jinny in three weeks time.

On last week’s show, Jinny challenged Satomura to a title match after defeating her protege Emilia McKenzie. The Final Boss accepted the Fashionista’s challenge and now they will go head-to-head on November 4th.

The title defence is Satomura’s third since winning the championship from Kay Lee Ray in June.

Also on the show, Blair Davenport returned to action after her suspension was lifted last week.

After attacking several superstars and the Assistant of the Regional Manager, she was suspended several weeks ago. Davenport was reinstated after one of her victims, Stevie Turner demanded she gets her revenge in the ring.

NXT UK granted Turner’s wish, but as the old adage goes, be careful what you wish for.

The two met in the ring in a strong back-and-forth encounter that saw both fighters battle hard.

Davenport came out swinging displaying all of the viciousness she is known for. Turner showed a tenacity against Davenport’s offence and fought back with anger and fire. Despite Turner putting up a good fight Davenport hit a Kamigoye and Falcon Arrow combination for the win and to remain undefeated.

After the match, Davenport threatens the entire women’s division.

Nina Samuels hosts her ‘Nina Samuels Show’ which ended up making a match between Xia Brookside vs. Aleah James, which most likely will happen next week. Samuels tried to stir up some drama between the two, but Brookside and James seemed friendly about their upcoming match instead.

What do you make of the title match and Blair Davenport’s win? Let us know in the comments below.

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